A Guide for One of Life's Most Challenging Experiences

Being with our loved ones during their dying process is one of the most difficult and challenging things in life.

Patricia’s stirring and personal journey through the loss of eight family members, combined with her extensive experience of over 30 years as a licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist in private practice, and ordained Unity minister, assists readers in turning their fear of death and bereavement into an appreciation of living. 

What Others Are Saying

I attended a workshop on Spirituality and Dying hosted by Hospice and Unity Church in Charlottesville. Ms Gulino Lansky was one of the speakers. I bought her book a few weeks ago. I finally had time to sit down to read it. I was stunned at myself for not realizing how much grief and loss has affected my life. I have lost grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, dear friend, and; as a former critical care nurse, hundreds of patients. I often I seemed to have always railed at death, as most people in the medical profession do. It wasn't until a few years into my career that I came to appreciate hospice and palliative care. I wish this book had been available to me years ago. Maybe it would have changed the course of my life. - A.P.

My only regret is not having read this book before my parents died. To talk about death and to read about death was uncomfortable but very much worth the personal insights gained. This book struck a very personal chord in me and I'm grateful to have time left to put my own life into perspective and enjoy life as it was intended. I recommend reading this before you're in the position of facing death, either your own or someone you love. 

- W.C.

Accepting Death, Embracing Life is a superb guide through grief, loss, through the personal catastrophes that beset us all. The author offers us specific sets of questions for meditation and reflection, and these are invaluable. But because the book is so thoroughly grounded in her own experience, it resonates much more deeply than most books of this kind. She is fearless in sharing her own stories of love and loss, and the authenticity of her voice makes the book extraordinarily powerful. - C.M.